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I’m Heidi L. Scott and I believe that every woman deserves a brand where function meets flair in activewear. As an expert skier and avid sports player, I design high-performance clothes that are anything but boring!  


HL6 Activewear: where function meets flair in activewear



Coming from the fashion industry, I mastered every element of turning an idea into a wardrobe. Today, I’m drawn to fascinating woman and then collaborate with them to create athletic wear that fits their sport and personality. We work side-by-side bringing the vision to life.   

Athletic wear beyond basic black!


Whereas most designers are internally focused, my ideas are outward and outdoor focused. When I find a magnetic athlete, role model, or place, I create a collection based upon that image. Explore the Aly Collection, the Dixie Collection, and the Lake Tahoe Collection to see how I turned inspiration into athletic wear.

It’s all about collaborating with magnetic people and places


Since I design based upon dynamic people, not a particular sport, I can’ tell you about my next collaboration because I haven’t met her yet!


But, here’s my question: who inspires you? I’m all ears.


To your active lifestyle!

Heidi Louise



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