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What you can learn about the fabric you are wearing during exercising -

We wanted to share this article because we really wanted you to know about the best fabrics to wear next to your skin as you sweat it out. If you regularly go for aerobics classes, or is into high intensity exercising at the gym or do work out video sessions or do Yoga, Pilates etc at home or visit the gym for socializing and a little bit of running, you might be interested too. Doing any of these activities and being stylish while doing them seems to come naturally to some. Some have to work at it, as well.

There are three main qualities we all want from the exercise clothes and the fabrics that makes them – comfort, stretch and breathability. There are some others too, though not as important.

Is it Comfortable

Comfort translates to the ability of the fabric to take in sweat and still makes you feel fresh and at ease. Not yucky or whatever term you use to describe that feeling of being sweaty all over.

This is related to wickability in that when a fabric do not retain and keep sweat and remain soggy it is comfortable against the skin.

Is it Moisture wicking?

Moisture wicking is the ability of a fabric to transfer sweat ( or any moisture) away from the body by capillary action and from the surface sweat evaporates. Poof! Fabric with this capacity does not absorb moisture nor does it retain it. It helps regulate body temperature and also prevents rashes and itching. Polyester is the fabric with the most of this capacity. Nylon and Rayon follows. HL6 Activewear has all moisture wicking fabrics. Fast drying is important which is related to moisture-wicking. When moisture evaporates from fabric, it obviously dries fast.

Is it Breathable? ; Can it maintain air circulation?

Natural fabrics are breathable, there is no question about it. In case of performance fabrics you will be bringing this quality with inserts ( of mesh fabric) which will provide the proper ventilation

Is it Non restricting ?

This means that the clothing allows the body to move in a full range of motion. You want clothing which will allow you to move easily as you run or do cardiovascular exercises or whatever you do. Look for Spandex in the material.

Is it Flexible ?

The fabric should be able to stretch and still retain the shape. HL6 Activewear has stretchable fabric that stretch their maximum without breaking and once the stretch is relaxed, goes back to the same position it was earlier. This allows it to be made into figure hugging clothes preferred for many sports activities.

Fitting clothes are flattering and makes the person motivated to exercise more says Readers Digest. Who am I to argue?

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