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Seamless Technology In Activewear

Are You Looking For Pure Comfort When Wearing Leggings?

Now you may be surprised to see that even for a clothing piece that advertises the term "Seamless" it isn't really seamless. Rather, it uses minimal cutting and sewing. Part of it is for reinforcement another reason is because the visible seamlines are actually the skeleton for the woven fibers.

So why do people go absolutely bonkers over seamless activewear and swear by it?

Here We Go....

It Hugs All Your Curves

Benefit of minimal seamlines is that you won’t have to worry about bumps and folds. When regular clothing is cut and stitched, the seamline appears tighter than the fabric panel because even though the manufacturer uses zig-zag stitching for the four-way stretch fabric, the tread is not elastic. This can sometimes result in unwanted folds that aren’t too flattering.

So Lightweight

Seams add weight. That’s a fact. Less seams mean less weight. That’s why when you put on your seamless leggings, they feel so light and so comfortable.

Longer Lifespan

This advantage factors in all the previous points. Since it’s 99% constructed by being woven into a clothing piece and not cut and stitched, the piece moves with you. There are no panels sewn together by non-elastic fabric that rip when they’re stretched and pulled away from one another.

More Creative Design

There is a myriad of variations for regular cut and stitch clothing, and the creativity is shown through prints and the exciting ways a designer can make paneling patterns (with color block technique or using mesh and straps or same colored fabric with strategic seam placements) to flatter the wearer’s body. With seamless technology, a pair of leggings can be worn already with its own patterns, complete with perforated areas, mesh-like areas. This is because seamless garment knitting machines allow different knits to be put together side by side. Whether it’s rib, jacquard, jersey, or mesh knit. All with minimum stitching.#seamlessactivewear#activewear#womensactivewear#hl6activewear#yogawear#yoga#yogasets#sportclothingforwomen#seamlesssportwear

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