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The Best Fit for Fitness: 10 Considerations for Choosing the Best Workout Clothes

Getting the Most from Your Workout and Choosing the best workout clothes for your workout is just one step towards a stronger, healthier you. It's important to always keep movement and safety a priority with style a close second. If you're looking for more ways to enhance your workout wardrobe we suggest checking out our blog on the Aly Collection.

If you're among the 50% of people that said they go to the gym to find a date, chances are you're already looking for the best workout clothes for your exercise.

However, the right workout clothes have to do more than look good. They have to allow you to work out freely and stay safe. Here are some of our tips for what to add to your workout wardrobe.

1. Cotton is Rotten

There's a good chance you'll develop a decent sweat while working out (if not, push harder), which means that you'll want to go with a fabric that can properly absorb the extra moisture. Unfortunately, when cotton is moist for too long, it tends to get a moldy smell which is terrible when you're already smelling sweaty.

Choose fabrics with proper absorption and breathability for both your workout tops and bottoms.

2. Stay Supported

There's a reason sports bras exist. Working out without the right support can quickly become painful (not to mention embarrassing. However, that doesn't mean your usual wire bra will do the job, these bras are not intended for the amount of flexibility and movement you'll need for your exercise.

Instead, choose a sturdy sports bra that keeps everything "in place".

3. Keep it Tight

If you're going to the gym to lose weight, there's a good chance you don't feel like showing off your physique until you've toned up a bit. However, for your safety, you'll want to choose clothes with a somewhat tight fit, especially if you're working with a personal trainer.

Baggy or loose clothes tend to make it difficult to see your posture, which can make it difficult to check that your form is correct when doing certain exercises. As we all know, not having the right form can result in injury, so keep it tight for your own safety.

4. But Not Too Tight

As much as you need to check your posture, you also need to be able to have a wide range of movements. Which means your clothes cannot be too constricting.

Trying choosing sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or shorts that allow you to move freely while still checking on your posture.

5. The Right Colors for Safety

If you prefer outdoor workouts such as running or cycling, your clothes are another way to help you stay safe. Choosing clothes in bold, eye-catching colors makes it difficult for drivers not to see you, reducing the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Look for workout clothes in reflective colors like neon green or orange that can be visible in the evening or in cloudier weather.

6. Choosing Shoes

While it can be tempting to go out and buy the first popular name brand sneaker you see, it's best to find shoes that are well adapted for your style of foot.

Some sneaker stores will actually check the arch of your fit to help find the sneaker that's most effective for you. You'll also want to find sneakers with shock absorbers to reduce the likelihood of damage happening to your knees.

7. The Best Workout Clothes for Different Workout Styles

The most important factor in finding the right workout clothes for you is knowing which exercise style you prefer and then choosing accordingly.

For example, someone doing yoga may be best in some high waisted leggings that allow them to move freely without having to constantly pull up their pants. While someone doing pilates may choose stretch shorts that are more adaptable for the class's positions.

8. Switching Out Your Accessories

Just because you're working out, it doesn't mean you can't jazz up your exercise time with some of your favorite accessories.

Choose firm, tight-fitting headphones that won't fall out when you run, gym bags with enough room to pack all your essentials (and keep stinky gym shoes separate) and trade your wedding band for rubber rings intended for working out.

9. Layer Up

Once you get into your workout your body temperature tends to rise and can stay at higher levels for quite some time. However, suddenly stopping can lead to that temperature crashing and feeling colder than when you walked in.To save yourself from the negative effects of rapid temperature changes, choose to dress in layers so you can take off and put on clothes as need.

10. Ask The Experts

When in doubt, ask the experts. Your trainer, gym manager, or class instructor has probably gone through countless workout clothes themselves and should be able to recommend a great brand.'re working with a

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