Stylin' at the Studio 2019's Hottest Yoga Pants

Stylin’ at the Studio: 2019’s Hottest Yoga Pants

Roughly 15% of Americans actively practice yoga. This represents an almost 5% uptick from 2012. Are you a Downward Dog devotee?

If so, you know that not all yoga wear is created equal. This is especially the case when it comes to yoga pants.

The right ones fit great, allow you to navigate even the trickiest inversions with ease, and don’t stick to you like plastic wrap when you break a sweat.

Today, we’re sharing some of this year’s best styles so you can head into the studio with confidence.

Ready to learn more? Pick up your mat and let’s get started.

1. Hi-Rise Styles

No one wants to slink back into Child’s Pose and wonder if they’re exposing their backside in the process. This is why the best yoga pants feature hi-rise styles that stay put.

Whether yours are classic solids or a fun and funky print, look for ones that sit comfortably above your belly button for maximum coverage. The “High waist” styles available through

HL6 Activewear are a great place to start.

Before you purchase new leggings, try your on and do a few basic poses. You should be able to flow from a Bridge to a Cobra without needless tugging. This style is also ideal for tummy control and is instantly slimming!

2. Nylon-Lycra Fabric Blends

Turns out, the hottest yoga pants on the market are the ones that keep you the coolest.

Nothing breaths and stretches like a nylon/lycra blend, and you’ll want that comfort, especially if hot yoga is your preferred style of exercise.

Look for a pair with this fabric on the tag and you can’t go wrong. Its wicking properties and low moisture absorbency mean you’ll stay comfy even as the temperatures rise. Resistant to abrasions, pilling and static, it’s the easiest laundry you’ll ever do.

You can also rest assured these won’t stretch out after a few uses. The material is sturdy and durable, holding its shape for years.

3. Pocket Detailing

You don’t want to lug your pocketbook into the yoga studio. Yet, you need somewhere to stash your cell phone, keys and credit card while you’re out and about.

As you seek to transform your body, take the time to transform your closet, as well. Invest in high-quality pieces that can pull double-duty.

This is where yoga pants with pockets really shine.

Discreet pocket detailing allows you to run errands in your leggings with ease, making them that much more wearable for everyday use. Pair them with a tunic for a night on the town and you’ll be both chic and comfortable.

Now that you know which yoga pants are the best for 2019, are you ready to try your hand at this increasingly popular wellness sport?

If so, we’d love to help you along that journey.

We’re a woman’s interest blog bringing you the advice, tips and tricks you need to look and feel your best.

With your new gear in hand, check out our post on five ways yoga can help you fall in love with your body!

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