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This is Why we have the Aly Collection

Aly Bledsoe is a 14 year old athlete, student and professionally signed Skidoo X-Team snowmobile racer. She has been a snow athlete since 5 years of age… growing up in the Mountains of Idaho and Mountain near Lolo Pass on highway 12. Aly said, “ I was usually the only girl riding with a big group of guys who taught me an incredible amount of skill, respect, and determination to become the aggressive rider I am today. My goal is to inspire young women to push themselves to their peak and at the same time, enjoy the beauty of the wonderful world we live in… I just happen to like the Snowy world in particular …and enjoy seeing that world while riding a sled!”. Aly is a sophomore at Loyola Sacred Heart High school in Missoula, Montana. You can see footage and pictures of Aly at, teamlochsa.com or on facebook – team lochsa

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