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Design: HL6 Exclusive design and print

Inspiration: The Pilates and Yoga inspired workout wear is just like our inspirational person. Our Dixie Collection is inspired by savvy business leader Dixie top executive in the high tech world. She's fierce, feminine, and family oriented-taking her clan across the globe. The juxtaposition of this strong woman with an introverted personality creates a head whip effect magnetically drawing people to her. This set is just like her; ethereal and yet filled with powerful performance qualities.

Activities: Yoga, Pilates and Athleisure wear

Color: White base (Not see through) soft brushed painted pink, purple, turqouise and gray flowers.

Material: 12% Elastane/ 88% Polyamide; giving that soft feeling

Features: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Static, Anti-UV, Breathable,Quick Dry,  Moisture Wicking and All Way Stretch.