Fusing Function with Flair in Activewear 

Heidi L. Scott is an entrepreneur laser-focused on creating high-performance athletic wear with stylish flair. Her HL6 Activewear brand is about women exercising their right to look good; it’s about the fit, it’s about time!

Big Brand Fashion Expertise

With executive roles at all the labels you love – BCBG, Guess, & Express - Heidi transforms her inspirations into collections. Using her insider knowledge of fabric selection, fit testing, and retail merchandising, this leader understands the importance of designing for a specific audience – athletic women who demand quality and style.

Inspiration from the “Outside In”

Whereas most designers are internally focused, Heidi is outward and outdoor focused.  She’s drawn to fascinating woman and then collaborates with them to create athletic wear that fits their sport and personality. They work side-by-side bringing the vision to life.  

Living a Sporting Life 

Heidi is passionate about sports. Having grown up playing virtually every game from golf to volleyball, today she counts herself an expert skier. 

A Well-Woven Family of Love

Heidi’s family of 4 daughters plus hubby translates into a tight-knit sextet. In fact, HL6 is named after Heidi Louise and her clan.  
After the devastating death of her father in 2017, both she and her brother jumped into entrepreneurship where they both now enjoy the precious moments of life. Her goal now is to inspire women to take a breath of fresh air, explore the outdoors, and integrate an active lifestyle. 


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