5 Amazing Yoga Poses For A Healthier Body And Soul

We have outlined the perfect yoga stances for a healthier mind, body, and soul. Whether you use yoga to relax or for a morning workout, we have poses you need! Did you know that different yoga poses are beneficial for different aspects of the body? Depending on what your body needs for a healthier life, there's a yoga pose for you. And with so many amazing yoga poses to choose from, you need to know which ones are the best yoga moves for you. 1. Dandasana The Dandasana pose is a great yoga pose that focuses on joint health. More specifically, it helps with wrist movement. It's a good yoga position for those who suffer from arthritis or who have suffered from previous wrist injuries. The pose

The Best Fit for Fitness: 10 Considerations for Choosing the Best Workout Clothes

Getting the Most from Your Workout and Choosing the best workout clothes for your workout is just one step towards a stronger, healthier you. It's important to always keep movement and safety a priority with style a close second. If you're looking for more ways to enhance your workout wardrobe we suggest checking out our blog on the Aly Collection. If you're among the 50% of people that said they go to the gym to find a date, chances are you're already looking for the best workout clothes for your exercise. However, the right workout clothes have to do more than look good. They have to allow you to work out freely and stay safe. Here are some of our tips for what to add to your workout wardr

Stylin' at the Studio 2019's Hottest Yoga Pants

Stylin’ at the Studio: 2019’s Hottest Yoga Pants Roughly 15% of Americans actively practice yoga. This represents an almost 5% uptick from 2012. Are you a Downward Dog devotee? If so, you know that not all yoga wear is created equal. This is especially the case when it comes to yoga pants. The right ones fit great, allow you to navigate even the trickiest inversions with ease, and don’t stick to you like plastic wrap when you break a sweat. Today, we’re sharing some of this year’s best styles so you can head into the studio with confidence. Ready to learn more? Pick up your mat and let’s get started. 1. Hi-Rise Styles No one wants to slink back into Child’s Pose and wonder if they’re exposin

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